Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nokia X7 Price In India

Since the past 2 weeks Nokia has been all over the news, and for the right reasons. The company launched its flagship handset, the N9 less than a week ago. The Finnish manufacturer continued to stay in the news with the launch of the N950, the unexpected leak of the Sea Ray and the N5. Now, it's time for something official. The Nokia X7 which will be the manufacturer's second known Symbian Anna handset after the E6, has now been launched in the country. Nokia quotes the price of the device as Rs 21,999.
The X7 will feature a large 4" AMOLED capacitive display with a pixel dimensions of 360x640, an 8 MP camera capable of recording 720p videos, and a 680 MHz CPU among others. The Symbian Anna operating system is said to bring some improvements to the platform, with a revamped web browser, and a better looking user interface. The X7 will come with an 8 GB microSD card and 320 MB of internal storage. The smartphone has been called by Nokia as a high definition gaming device, so we won't be surprised to see some games coming pre-loaded with the handset. It seems like most of the features of the X7 rely heavily on the Symbian Anna platform. In the processing department, Nokia is stuck with the same 680 MHz ARM chipset, we saw in the N8 and other Symbian^3 smartphones. A processor upgrade would've have been very welcome.

The Nokia X7 seems like a worthy competitor to the N8, and we say that only because of the new OS and not in any other aspect. Priced at almost Rs 22,000, we think the X7 is a tad overpriced. Nevertheless, the newest version of Symbian comes with a price tag. As far as the usability of the device is concerned, we don't think that the buyers will be disappointed. But whether it's value for money or not, is for the buyer to decide.

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