Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google Project

The police authorities of Bengaluru had asked Google to defer its Street View project and asked it to provide the copies of the permission for the project from the Union Ministries of Home Affairs and Defence.
Two weeks ago the Bengaluru police blocked the filming of streets, carried on by Google. Even the state government was against the project keeping in mind the privacy and security issues.
Suneel Kumar, Law and Order Additional Commissioner of Police, stated that the people concerned with the project were asked to show up the papers, but they have not come up with the papers yet.
According to a cyber expert, some countries were against the height at which the camera captured the images, so the authorities from Google agreed to reduce the height. The Street View project will also not show the clear faces of the individuals. The registration numbers of vehicles will also not be shown clearly, said he.
“The police have stopped street view. We will take the necessary action to stop Google’s filming”, said State Home Minister R Ashoka.
Jayanagar MLA BN Vijaykumar showed his concern about the terror issues which might hit the city. "The city has been in the terror hit list. If Google gives information on Bangalore street-wise, there's a chance of information misuse", he said.

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