Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nokia C2 00

Nokia has boosted the C Series' entry-level appeal with the announcement of the Nokia C2-00, a brand new Series 40 contender that delivers the unique appeal of dual-SIM compatibility. Want to know more? Read on for the essential details.
The Nokia C2-00 is the newest addition to Nokia's impressive array of low-cost feature phones, and with support for dual SIM cards certainly has unique appeal. It's not quite the low cost entry-level offering the C1-00 is, for example, but still offers a practical set of features to maximise its appeal for those on a tight budget.
Let's take a closer look at the 10 essential features that stand out on the Nokia C2-00:
Dual-SIM: the Nokia C2-00's headline feature is that it's a dual-SIM phone. That means you can have two different SIM cards inside and switch between them as you see fit. As such, it's ideal if you want to separate your work and personal mobile use, or want to share the phone between two family members.
Dual-standby: On top of dual-SIM support, the Nokia C2-00 also comes with dual-standby, so whichever SIM is inactive at any given time will still be able to actively notify you of incoming calls or messages without interfering with the active SIM in any way.
Series 40 operating system: Considering its budget price tag, it's no surprise that Nokia has turned to the tried and tested Series 40 operating system to keep things ticking over smoothly. It's certainly done the business on other handsets in Nokia's budget portfolio.
Small and compact: the Nokia C2-00 is pocketable in the old-fashioned sense, with dimensions of 108 x 45 x 14.7mm and a weight of just 74g, making it almost as light as the 72.9g Nokia C1-00.
Screen size: As a compact candybar handset, it's no surprise that the Nokia C2-00's screen size is a fairly limited 1.8-inches across. However, this means the 128 x 160-pixel resolution still delivers plenty of sharpness – an acceptable trade-off in.
VGA camera: this may be an entry-level handset, but you still get the convenience of an on-board camera, which stores images at a passable 640 x 480 – or VGA – quality and can record video too.
Music friendly: Nokia's C Series delivers an all-round mix of features designed to appeal to any user, and so you're well catered for when it comes to entertainment, with an FM radio, music player and 3.5mm headphone jack all present and correct.
MicroSD card support: As with all Nokias in this price bracket, you get no more than a nominal on-board storage allowance, but the good news is that the Nokia C2-00 is compatible with microSD cards going all the way up to an impressive 32GB – that's more than most of its rivals in the budget stakes.
Bluetooth: Connectivity is another area the Nokia C2-00 does rather well in considering how little it costs. Aside from the microUSB connector on board you also have Bluetooth support for conveniently transferring data wirelessly.
Battery life: Nokia reckons the Nokia C2-00 is good for 19.2 days of battery life on standby, and 5.75 hours of talktime. That's not quite a match for long-life heroes such as the Nokia C1-00, but is impressive enough all the same.

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