Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doctors Day

The prime causes leading to spondilitis are stress, working continuously, bad position, looking down and working, spondilitis of the cervical spine of the lumbar spine.
All these causes leads to back, neck pain, pain radiating to hands shoulders neck sometimes to legs if its due to the back.
If the pain persists then there is no option but to go for surgery. If medication doesn’t work then one can opt for surgery. This condition is called as degenerative condition. It is called degenerative process as it is due to too much stress on the spinal.
cord. Another cause is two wheelers. Potholes causes attacks on the back.
This can be prevented by proper sitting position, proper working position, sitting with neck straight, weight pulling by bending in the sideward direction and then lifting., straight back chair with a pillow, no fancy chairs, regular back and neck exercises especially for those working in stressful condition in cities.
With reference to going to the doctor followed with regular check up’s and medication, surgery, exercise, spondilitis can be cured.

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