Tuesday, June 28, 2011


You may be thinking that models shouldn't be giving this type of advice but let me clarify...THESE ARE VICTORIA'S SECRET MODELS. They have perfect bodies because it combines the best combination of curvy, toned, and healthy. These models are not stick thin or anorexic, but promote healthy living. Here are some tips from some of these infamous models.

GISELE BUNDCHEN: After giving birth, she went on the Dukan diet. "The four stage plan originates from France and starts with a protein only diet and gradually increases healthy carbs like fruits and veggies."

ALESSANDRA AMBROSIA: Brazilian Butt Lift! It's a mixture of Brazilian martial arts and samba. Check online if there are any classes available in your area, but from what we know it's a class in NYC called Leandro's Fitness. If that doesn't work, you can order the DVD's online!

MIRANDA KERR: To stay fit, she suggest going all natural meaning natural and organic foods, steamed fish, and lots of veggies.

BAR REFAELI: She doesn't trust any fad diets, like Atkin's or the Cabbage Soup diet. Instead she opts for salads and chicken while always staying active.

BROOKLYN DECKER: To stay fit and look leaner, she suggests doing free weights three times a week!

It's great to hear these health and body tips from these famous models because they are role models to so many people. It's important to see that they are stressing an active lifestyle where eating is essential to optimal health. Though this is what they do to keep their shape, doesn't mean you have to exactly follow it either. Choose a routine that suits you best since we are all different. But in order to keep a healthy figure, you have to also stick to foods that are good for you such as protein, veggies, and fruits.

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