Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anna Faris Admits Breast Implants

After appearing in the film House Bunny, noticed that actress Anna Faris appeared to be just as curvy as the character she played in the film and it seems that the quirky blonde did go under the knife.

34-year old Anna Faris reportedly liked her fuller figure in 2008′s House Bunny so much that she decided to have breast augmentation surgery to mimic the look she got from push-up bras and Hollywood magic (See Make Me Heal’s story on Anna Faris’ breast implants).

Anna explains, “It was so fun to feel over-the-top ridiculous and sexy” that she decided to get breast implants after the film was complete. She added, “It wasn’t a career thing — it was a divorce thing.”

After breast augmentation, Anna has a fuller top, but chose implants that fit her small frame well, unlike the traditional Playboy playmate.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Anna Faris does appear to have much higher and fuller cleavage most likely from a breast augmentation. It is normal to see recent divorcees seeking some type of physical enhancement through plastic surgery. Many express the attitude of a new look for their new life.” applauds Anna’s openness about her new look and wishes her the best of luck in her new marriage.


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