Tuesday, June 21, 2011


H&M has just announced their new designer collaboration and it's none other than the infamous Donatella Versace!!!

The collection which will debut November 17 features 40 pieces for ladies and 20 pieces for men, in addition to accessories; all looks are inspired from classic Versace moments in the past. Creative Adviser at H&M, Margareta van den Bosch says, "Versace is one of the most important brands of recent times, and their collection for H&M will be glamorous and flamboyant—everything Versace stands for." The clothes will hit stores just in time for the holiday season toward the end of the year. H&M hope to see store sales in connection with the infamous designer Versace increase due to their lackluster sales going on as of late.

I can't wait to see this collection! It will definitely bring the high fashion to the more affordable, yet stylish corporate retail powerhouses like H&M.

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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