Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

I’ve found some great ideas on the internet for those still looking for something interesting or creative to get their wonderful dad this year. Some of these can be for the last minute shopper and some of these you’ll have to keep in mind for next year. Let’s start with one that just makes me smile:
Bacon of the Month Club
Of all the clubs that send something every month, few will be as pleasing as one that sends bacon. Comes with a t-shirt, too! While this may not be the best gift if your Dad is Jewish, it is a good alternative to those “fruit-of-the-month” clubs that aren’t quite so manly.
Leather Grilling Apron
There’s nothing hotter than watching a man grill in a leather apron, so this may seem like it’s more of a gift for the ladies. The apron is flame retardant—which is important since most people prefer not to see their dad catch on fire.
Take Dad to a show
Now, of all the manly things that one could get for their father, theatre tickets does not come to mind. However, some shows out there are appropriate for even the most Broadway-phobic of men. For example, there is show called “Defending the Caveman” which deals with the humor of gender differences. I am told this play is hilarious and laughter is something any dad can appreciate.
Take your dad hiking
Perhaps you dad is the outdoorsy type? No problem. Taking him on a hike might be just the thing to make him happy. Find a trail that he may never have gone on before and make a day of it. You might even buy him some nifty hiking gear.
Get a digital picture frame and put pictures on it. This is both a cool gadget and something personal—a way to not only give your dad one special picture to bring back memories—but several.
Take your dad to a vineyard
If you happen to live near a winery, that might be a different yet interesting experience. Take a tour of the place, if offered, and learn while you drink.
Take him out for bowling. This is simple, inexpensive, and usually a no-brainer.
Sometimes novelties are the way to go. Everyone enjoys a blast from the past, right? Perhaps you don’t have enough money to get him a new iPad or iPhone? Maybe he already has those gadgets anyway?  No problem! One nifty website is where you can get really creative gifts such as the iPad Etch-A-Sketch Case for around $40. Not only will your dad be the coolest 12-year-old-from-1980-trapped-in-a-man’s-body (think Tom Hanks in “Big“) but he’ll be able to impress all the wannabes and haters in the conference room too.
The case, while bringing your entire dad’s childhood memories back, also protects the iPad with thick plastic and has a kickstand and everything. The only downside is that it’s not an actual Etch-A-Sketch. These come in a smaller size for the iPhone as well.
Also on that site you can find gag gifts like “schwetty balls” which are golf balls with “schwetty” on them.
Another cool gift from that site that is simple yet awesome is the Rubik’s Cube mug. It is only $13 and you have to see it to believe it.
As we have seen, there are some great ideas out there for us to think about as we decide to do something special for Dad. Whatever you choose to get him, hopefully it’ll be a Father’s Day he’ll always remember!

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