Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hoax: Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

The OK! story, rapidly picked up by several gossip sites, is "not true," and Kim and Kris are not already building a nursery.
In other words: we're not on bumpwatch just yet. Not convinced yet? Maybe this well help:
"This is crazy! I am NOT pregnant," Kim herself declares on her personal blog .
"Magazines can be so tricky with their wording! The inside states that one day I want a baby! But I'm not pregnant! I can foresee lots of crazy, made up stories coming out in the near future and I certainly don't have time toshut down every rumor. But believe that if you hear it from me, it will be true. Otherwise, don't always believe what you read, dolls.
For those keeping track at home, Kourtney is the only Kardashian sister breeding at this point , though Khloé is trying really hard.
And while we're clearing up Kim rumors, our trusty family source has one other thing to add: Kim did not buy her own engagement ring.

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