Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jean Danker engaged to Glenn Ong

Kate Jean Danker engaged to Glenn Ong

"He put a ring on it!" Jean Danker first announced to friends and fans via Twitter in the wee hours on Saturday morning.

A rather inconspicuous tweet if not for the exclamation mark, considering the sexy ex-bachelorette has just been proposed to with a 1.75-carat Lazare solitaire engagement ring.

In an interview with xinmsn in February last year, Glenn had said "I think I can propose anytime already" and that if he proposes, he wants to do it the right way.

Indeed, the man kept his word. Knowing how attached Jean is to her parents, the loving Glenn went on not one but two bended knees, and popped the million dollar question last Friday night at Jean's parents' house.

"In the cutest manner, he asked, "Will you marry me?" with the biggest grin on his face and earnest puppy dog eyes!" Jean reminisced, "I said yes immediately, no pregnant pause!" (Laughs)

Yesterday, when xinmsn spoke to the newly-engaged Jean in a telephone interview, she sounded composed despite the oodles of joy from a surprise weekend engagement. "I'm almost a little shy about it," Jean said.

Apparently, it was only a couple of weeks back that Glenn "asked my parents for my hand" and got their approval. Jean's parents then played along pretending not to know about his proposal.

"It [the proposal] came as a surprise! It's great. I'm really happy," Jean shared, "We've talked a lot about marriage, not too long ago, but I didn't think it'll be so soon!"

"But I've been very chilled about it, actually. It's my girlfriends who are more excited!"

No wedding date has been set yet for the couple who's been dating for over two years now. Jean said, "We haven't thought about anything yet. It could be soon or it could be a long engagement!"

The soon-to-be Mrs Ong mused, "I always recognise [that] it's him and me. It could be a simple ceremony or a grand wedding, regardless, I'd still be very happy."

Glenn was previously married to fellow deejays Kate Reyes for three years and Jamie Yeo for five years, until their high-profile separation in 2009.

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