Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kelly Rowland among most anticipated performers at BET Awards

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If Twitter is any indication, the most anticipated performance in this evening’s BET Awards belongs to Kelly Rowland. Formerly of girl group Destiny’s Child, Rowland fell into obscurity for several years before staging a comeback that earned her two Grammys for her solo work. She has stepped even farther into the public view this summer through her role as a judge on Simon Cowell’s singing competition, “The X Factor,” in the U.K.

Yet, how big is Rowland’s comeback? And, more importantly, will she always be held up next to former group mate Beyoncé Knowles? It was widely reported that it was Knowles’ decision to leave Destiny’s Child, and rumored that the lead singer viewed her band mates as less talented liabilities who would hold her back.

It may be that very snub that’s kept comparisons between the two alive. Even Entertainment Weekly’s Brad Wete asked in his live blog of tonight’s awards, “Will Kelly Rowland outshine her Destiny’s Child bestie?”

But, the data is clear: according to the IMDB Star Meter (which has charted celebrity and entertainment world buzz on an individual basis since 2001), Rowland has a long way to go. Sitting at #9,505 (the lowest ranking she has seen since 2001), she is far away from her 2003 career high of #221. Beyoncé, on the other hand has never fallen below #5,600, and has a career high of #4. Her current standing, at #1,228, still shows her holding strong.

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