Monday, June 13, 2011

Kevin Mchale

Katy Perry, Rebecca Black and Kevin McHale had fun partying Last Friday Night!
Few days ago we reported that Rebecca Black will gonna make a cameo on Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night video as she was spotted as one of the party goers on the teaser. But it turns out to be a surprise when the 13-year-old Friday singer played a major role on the video.
Dr.Luke really makes a good creation – putting Friday hit makers together in one place and connecting their story about ‘teenage weekend celebration.’ On Rebecca Black’s Friday video, she and her friends are heading to a house party while on Last Friday Night video, Katy Perry a.k.a. Kathy Beth Terry joins Rebecca Black’s party.
On the video, Katy Perry’s 13-year-old fictional character named Kathy Beth Terry seen bothered on the ongoing gig next block. Kathy headed to the partying neighbor to complain but Rebecca Black snatched her to join the party. Black gives Kathy a makeover and helps her to get the hunky-popular guy.
Katy Perry also includes Kevin McHale – the Friday crooner from Fox hit comedy series Glee. Kevin plays the love interest of Kathy Beth Terry. Same as Perry, McHale disguised as a nerd but this time he’s out of the wheelchair. During the prom episode of Glee season two, Kevin gets his vocal chords taking on Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday,’ giving a gleeful remake with Chord Overstreet and Mark Salling. Saxist Kenny G also made a cameo appearance on the video.

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