Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Honored By Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

Lady Gaga’s meat dress may not have been good enough to eat but it’s tasty enough for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Her meat dress will become an exhibit in America’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Lady Gaga’s meat dress made up of actual slices of Argentinian beef, has been preserved and should be relatively inoffensive.

Lady Gaga turned up to the MTV Music Awards wearing an outfit made entirely of real animal cuts on last September.

Hall of Fame spokeswoman Margaret Thresher says the dress took on a “dark, beef-jerky” look while dehydrating.She made history at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards when she turned butcher’s cuts into high fashion.

Lady Gaga went from rocking a rack of meat to having it preserved for the ages.

Lady Gaga’s meat dress, the hand-sewn meat dress was stored in a meat locker, submerged in a vat of chemicals, and then dried by taxidermists in California before being shipped to Ohio.

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