Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mega Millions

An Anne Arundel County Couple won the $250,000 Mega Millions prize.
The winners went to the Lottery Headquarters on Thursday to claim the $250,000 prize with his wife by his side, as she has been since they started dating in the 5th grade.
The winners names were not released by the Maryland Lottery.
"When I realized I had won, I decided to play a little trick on my wife. I acted like I had not yet check the ticket, and asked her to check it for me. She say there in complete silence when she realized we had hit."
The big win came on the man's 56th birthday just days away.
The day of his purchase was a typical one for the father of four. His car was in the shop so he decided to stop by the local market and buy his tickets as he does every week.
The man has been playing the same numbers for the past two years, but chose to use the Quick Pick option for the first time.
When he checked his numbers the next day, the winner described an "eerie calm" that came over him.
The couple says they will use their new-found wealth to take a long-desired trip to Alaska or maybe the Columbia River to go salmon fishing.
When asked if the lucky man had any advice for other players, he simply said, with a smile, "Don't give up!"
The winning ticket was purchased at Harwood Market at 4450 Solomons Island Road in Harwood.

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