Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A few days ago, it was confirmed that Jackass star and co-host of G4's Proving Ground passed away due to a fatal car accident in his Porsche 911 GT3 where he was traveling between 130-140 mph in a 55mph zone. The car barreled through a guard rail into a ravine and slammed into a tree before bursting in flames, killing Ryan Dunn [34 years old] and his friend Zachary Hartwell [30 years old] due to blunt-force trauma from the fire that engulfed the vehicle.

Both guys were drinking at the bar Barnaby's of America, before they passed away. The manager of the bar said, "It's an absolute tragedy. Both men were well respected and had many friends in this community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family." Both men "did not appear to be visibly intoxicated. That's why we are cooperating fully with local and state police. We've handed the surveillance video over to police, and every one of our staff has given statements to police about what happened that night." Due to the Chester County Coroner's toxicology results, Ryan Dunn's blood alcohol-content was 0.196, two times over the legal limit of 0.08.

Though his death is a tragedy, many would say it was inevitable due to his speed demon history. It has been released from Pennsylvania court records that Ryan Dunn had at least 23 driving infractions throughout the past 13 years in six different counties. Most of the infractions he was found guilty in included speeding, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving without a license, criminal mischief damage to property citation, and two parking related transgressions. He was also arrested twice: one in 2001 for a traffic infraction and in 2005 for DUI! Though charges were dismissed, he completed his probation period and had his license suspended for a year.

Many of his Jackass co-stars are taking the tragedy very hard. Bam Margera gave his only interview to Philly station Fox 29 saying, "I've never lost anybody that I cared about. He's my best friend. I was in Arizona with best friends having the best time with friends. He was the happiest person—the smartest guy with so much talent. It is not right. It was the worst phone call I got in my life." Margera paid a visit to the crash site with his parents, whom they considered him a member of the family.

With Margera, more than 50 others joined together to visit the site and pay their respects, light candles, and leave flowers. A private funeral for Ryan Dunn is scheduled for today to be attended for family and close friends. Though there is no word yet for a public funeral, it is said to be in the works.

Such a tragedy to see anyone pass away from driving under the influence and speeding. Life is so precious and we have to remember that our life we are living today is only temporary, it can be taken away at any moment. Rest in peace to Ryan Dunn and his family.

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