Friday, June 10, 2011


RYAN Giggs faces jail over the gagging order he got to cover up an affair with glamour girl Imogen Thomas.
Ryan Giggs could be prosecuted for perjury if judges think he misled them about his happily-married family man status to obtain his injunction.
The crime carries a maximum sentence of seven years in jail.
Giggs, 37, gave a sworn statement to the High Court in London declaring why he believed an order should be granted to stop details of the alleged six-month fling being made public.
He relied on the fact he was married with two children whose privacy he wished to protect. The order was granted by Mr Justice Eady to stop Giggs or his family being named.
But his sister-in-law Natasha, 28, has since claimed she had a secret eight-year affair with him behind the backs of his wife Stacey, 32, and brother Rhodri, 34.

A third alleged lover is also understood to be considering telling all.
Lawyers say if Giggs is found to have deliberately withheld details of other affairs from the court he is open to prosecution.

Five advantages of trading forex market .

1. 24 Hour Market: Since the forex market is worldwide, trading is continuous as long as there is a market open somewhere in the world. Trading starts when the markets open in Australia on Sunday evening, and ends after markets close in New York on Friday.

2. High Liquidity: Liquidity is the ability of an asset to be converted into cash quickly and without any price discount. In forex this means we can move large amounts of money into and out of foreign currency with minimal price movement.

3. Low Transaction Cost: In forex, typically the cost for a transaction is built into the price. It is called the spread. The spread is the difference between the buying and selling price.

4. Leverage: Forex Brokers allow traders to trade the market using leverage. Leverage is the ability to trade more money on the market than what is actually in the trader's account. If you were to trade at 50:1 leverage, you could trade $50 on the market for every $1 that was in your account. This means you could control a trade of $50,000 using only $1000 of capital.

5. Profit Potential from Rising and Falling Prices: The forex market has no restrictions for directional trading. This means, if you think a currency pair is going to increase in value; you can buy it, or go long. Similarly, if you think it could decrease in value you can sell it, or go short.

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