Friday, June 24, 2011


Who would've figured that wearing the latest fashion trends in shoes can be so...Dangerous.

Here are the most dangerous heels that are the trend right now in fashion, and some solutions to avoid a "mishap"...

1. Spiked Heels: Yes they're cute and they show a rock-star edge, but despite being drunk or not while in these insane heels can cause a havoc! For instance if you end up slipping and falling, there are spikes that can puncture your skin! Not only yourself but imagine the damage it can do to others around you! Maybe while in those fabulous heels, you can stay away from packed areas.

A solution would just to not use any kind of heels that can be used as some sort of weapon-->like spikes.

2. Platform Wedge: Who doesn't want to tower over your counterparts AND feel comfortable for most of the day?! Even though these wedges provide those two pluses, the most common injury is called a "ballet break" which causes a stress fracture because the wedge platform provides no flexibility making your foot fall wherever the heel goes.

A solution is to tone down the large platform wedges by substituting it for a smaller wedge. It gives more support to your ankle so you can avoid more twists and turns, plus not fall so far.

3. Heels Greater Than 3 Inches: The higher the inch of the heel, the more damage you can face especially when you're dancing or walking for long periods of time. Higher heels causes more imbalances therefore leading to fractures, torn ligaments, even broken bones!

Try purse flats as a simple solution when you know you will dance or walk for long periods of time. They fit conveniently into your purse so it's an easy swap wherever you may go.

4. Pencil Heels: These thin pencil heels look like a major liability, a very dangerous one at that. Since the heel is so thin, there's no good defined balance. Having a narrow heel puts force on our achilles tendon which can lead to foot, back, and knew problems.

Try a chunkier heel that allows better balance and takes off pressure from your toes.

HEELS HEELS HEELS HEELS HEELS WE DO ADORE. No matter how cute and fashionable heels may be, we have to think about it's benefits in the long run. I know I am guilty about wearing those platform heels or wedges, but when our safety or long term health condition is on the line, it's better to be safe than sorry. I got the idea of this article from this link:

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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