Friday, June 24, 2011


Tokyo is the epicenter for outrageous fashion trends, but is this one that is currently trending gone too far? Saline Forehead Injections are the rage right now in Tokyo where saline is injected into your forehead while pressing down to keep the center from swelling. It looks like a bagel or donut sticking out of your forehead!

As part of the "extreme body mod" scene, underground teens go through two hour drip injections to get a swoll forehead in order to fit into the "freaky crowd" where deformity is trending. But no worries, this look is only temporary. That "bagel-head" look will return to it's original form the morning after. But foreheads aren't the only things used for saline injections: try arms and chests too.

Saline was first introduced to the major market with Shannon Larratt's book ModCon: The Secret World Of Extreme Body Modification published in 2002 which documented the annual body mod convention in Toronto, Canada. Photographer Ryoichi ‘Keroppy’ Maeda has been covering the underground body mod scene since that year and explains, “Things like suspensions are really quick. But saline infusion is a gradual process and you become a freak progressively. That’s the joy of it. You can enjoy watching it by having a few drinks and gradually seeing a transformation, but if you’re looking all the time, you can’t see the difference. If you meander off and come back, it’s a real surprise.”

I didn't know looking purposely deformed would ever be a fashion trend but to each all their own.

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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