Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Patrick Tse admits Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung are fighting

Hong Kong screen veteran Patrick Tse on Tuesday let slip that his
son Nicholas Tse has indeed been fighting with wife his Cecilia Cheung,
reported Hong Kong media.

"It is a small matter; don't know why it kept getting escalated [by the media].

"Which couple doesn't fight?" said Patrick Tse, when asked if the
statements made by popular Hong Kong radio personality Eileen Cha are

Cha had earlier claimed that Nicholas Tse and Cheung are now a couple
in name only and are on the brink of separation after fighting for some

She further alleged that Cheung had demanded her husband turn over
virtually all his assets to her, adding that cracks in their marriage
had appeared long before Cheung's widely reported meeting with Hong
Kong actor Edison Chen last month.

Patrick Tse expressed that he was furious with Cha for interfering with
his family's affairs and said her comments were as irresponsible as
they were inaccurate.

"What right does she have to talk about things?

"I will scold her if I see her. After all, these are somebody else's
family matters. How can she know when even I don't?" said Tse.

Despite raising the ire of many netizens and Patrick Tse for her
comments on Cheung's marriage, Cha maintained that she had done nothing

"I don't want to comment on this further.

"I only did what I should do from a journalist's standpoint, just reporting the truth," said Cha.


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