Wednesday, June 1, 2011

X Factor: Rumors leak Simon Cowell gave Cheryl Cole the axe early?

Simon Cowell, American Idol winner of the meanest celebrity judge award, might be involved with the firing of Cheryl Cole from his new show X Factor — or not. Rumors are swirling thanks to a variety of conflicting entertainment journals reporting that Simon Cowell fancies himself a Donald Trump reality show type, just waiting for his moment in the spotlight to say, “You’re FIRED!” and others that say the outwardly cold-hearted but secretly warm and fuzzy teddy bear was taken by surprise when Cheryl Cole was told — not so politely – that as a new reality television show judge, America had already voted her off. The celebrity scandal now ensuing is a grand one, as everyone is planning to tune in to the X Factor now that American Idol 2011 has wrapped up. While celebrity teen Scotty McCreery is hot news in the celebrity gossip circles for winning American Idol and then Scotty kissing Lauren Alaina, nothing will keep his name in the press more than a fat and juicy celebrity scandal like a mystery about who fired a key star on a television show like X Factor.

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