Sunday, May 8, 2011


Today I saw the movie THE BACK-UP PLAN starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin. It's about a very successful independent woman who had despite having a great career, has always wanted a family but never found the right man in her life. Knowing she was getting older, she takes matters into her own hands by going through with artificial insemination. The day she finds out she is actually pregnant, she begins to fall for a man she met while trying to hail a cab, and who by the way is madly falling for

This makes matters very difficult since Zoe [Lopez] has been wanting kids her entire life, and now that she's met a great man [Stan], she doesn't know how to tell him she's pregnant right after they just had sex and that it's not his baby. When she finally tells him, he's bewildered by the news, but since he loves her so much, Stan is willing to stay by Zoe and father her children. Yes children, because she finds out she's not only pregnant, but is pregnant with TWINS!

I really enjoyed this story because it has a lot of elements that many independent and successful women are facing today, NOT TO MENTION GREAT EYE CANDY ALA ALEX O'LOUGHLIN...First of all, the future can be so hazy and we never know what it holds for us. One moment we're dating someone, the next we're in love with someone else, then we have to locate somewhere else for our's basically a big question mark. With so much uncertainty in our lives, how would we ever know when we've found that right person for us? Especially that right person who we want to spend the rest of our lives with AND have a family. As years pass, many women tend to focus on their career seeing that it's the only stable thing that will bring them happiness and make them successful. But is a career worth chasing when in the end, we'll only be enjoying it solo? How much worth can money bring in the long run when there's no one to share it with, such as love within a family like a husband and kid(s).

As I wrote in another blog post before, this story holds true to many women out there, most notably journalists. Wendy Burch, a KTLA reporter has had a successful career in news, which had her traveling and moving every few years. Now that's she's at a comfortable state, she's realized that she's getting older and doesn't have children like she thought she would initially and isn't married. Read more on her blog along with the progress she's making: Now that's she's at that crossroad, she is looking into options for having a child, something she's wanted her entire life...

I feel it is important for women to plan out their lives so that it's easier to attain their goals. I know it's difficult to plan out life's event since there's so many twists and turns, but with a solid foundation, it can help us stay on track of what we want in our lives. I know for certain that with a great career, I want a family...a husband and children. Who knows when that will be from this exact moment, but that's something I have always pictured. When in life we find that things aren't exactly running the way we planned, it's important to always have a BACK-UP PLAN and to always stay in the know about the aging process. You can always find time to focus on your career and marry someone in your life, but there's only a certain window for a woman to have kids and that's when we have to take matters into our own hands. Think about it and always stay prepared...

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