Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Unless you're gay, any male does not generally know details about beauty. It's actually just a very simple game for them: either it looks good or it doesn't. With emerging trends in the beauty and fashion world that women tend to keep up with, sometimes what we think looks good doesn't to our male counterparts. CHECK OUT BEAUTY TRENDS MEN HATE, BUT WOMEN SEEM TO LOVE:

1. HEAVY FOUNDATION & POWDER: Foundation is supposed to blend very well in our skin and powder helps keep our face looking polished, not an oily mess. But heavy foundation to a point where it looks caked on is a no-no! How horrid does two different obvious artificial skin-tones look?! Plus imagine all those layers of make-up hiding our "imperfections" but it's actually exploiting our face even more but causing more negative attention. I don't wear foundation myself, only Benefit's Dr. Feel Good for a velvety smooth, matte finish. But to all the ladies who do, look for a foundation that most importantly matches your skin tone, and doesn't have SPF "or else you'll look whitish in pictures," says Amy Lee, my friend and beauty consultant.

2. BUMP ITS: Yes, I'm talking about that Jersey Shore poof on the head!!! [Ahem Snooki..] I sometimes do it because my bangs are at a weird stage right now, and I don't like my hair looking flat on my already big head. But guys don't like it because they don't want to see our head look unnaturally bigger than it already is.

3. NEON LIPSTICK: This season is all about color...for women that is. Men do not prefer the bright lip hues of Orange, Green, or Blue. Stay within the pinks and reds if you must...I personally love bright hues, but only ones I know I can pull off. As much as we wish for every color to look good on us, it doesn't ladies...

4. OVERLY PLUCKED BROWS: why opt for the estranged look? Men don't like thin-brows because it gives the appearance that you're overly hairy. Keep the brows looking natural and at a good "size/shape" so it's not overly noticeable.

5. BOLD EYE-SHADOW: leave it to the fashion spreads and runways to pull off outrageous looks, but DO NOT bring it to the streets. Though color is in for the season, no one wants to see bright blue eyeshadow all over your lids. Even the smoky eye look can be a disaster if not properly executed. It's better to start in the safe zone, then pile bold eye shadows on top of one another without knowing how to. Practice makes perfect.

6. BLUSHING CHEEKS: Now I'm kind of confused with this, because I think blush, when not overly applied can look very natural and cute. It gives a supple color to your face instead of looking like a blank canvas. But guys think rouge is for old ladies and the grandmas out there.

7. TWO-TONED LIPS: HOLA CHICA!!! Yea, exactly...where's your home girls ese?! That's the affiliation two-toned lips have on any one. It's important to use lip liner that matches your lip color, it's not supposed to be noticeable unless you have some sort of gang type affiliation.

8. GLITTER: Go Insane, Go Insane, Throw Some Glitter Make It Rain!!! Haha no one wants to see a moving glitter disco ball, but guys only give it the "OK" rating when it's done in moderation. You shouldn't be reflecting any light from across the room ladies...

So there you have it! I know a lot of these trends are part of some of our everyday routines. There are some I agree on and some I could less about, but when it all comes down to it, LESS IS MORE! The best look women should strive for is the AU-NATURALE everyday look. Of course there's some occasions where we can go over the top as well. I got inspiration for this blog post from this:

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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