Monday, May 16, 2011

Begin the Family Feud: 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 3 Premiere

For those of us who have been subsisting off of Mob Wives and news bits about Kim G. and Michael Lohan (oh yes, and it is thoroughly disgusting), The Real Housewives of New Jersey
is finally back for Season 3! Danielle is gone, Kim G. is not a new
Housewife (I bet she's so pissed! She was working hard for the money
last season), and we're meeting two new Housewives.

either of them be likable or are we just going back to thinking that
maybe Jacqueline and Caroline are OK/the least evil? With Danielle
gone, Teresa needs a new enemy. Her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga,
looks like a likely candidate. Teresa and her brother, Joe don't
exactly get along, either, from what we can tell from their brief
interaction at his son's christening:

Teresa: I just wanted to say congratulations again.
Melissa and Joe: Why are you saying it now?
Joe: Just walk away. Go.
Teresa: Are you kidding me?
Joe: Teresa, just do what you do every day. Just walk away.
Teresa: Are you kidding me.
Joe: You're garbage.

the love! Table antics run in the family, though! Joe pounds on the
table and lunges toward Teresa. Then we get a title screen that says
"One Week Earlier ..." Oh I love that. It's like Damages!

one week earlier, things are going just OK for Joe and Teresa. Joe is
"enjoying his new career at Giuseppe's Pizzeria" because they had that
whole bankruptcy thing happen. Teresa is writing cookbooks and signing
them to support their penchant for extravagant children's wear.

show is all about Teresa. Can we just acknowledge that already? It used
to sort of be about Danielle and Teresa, but now it's all Teresa all
the time. Things are going fine for Jacqueline and the Manzo family.
Albie's moving out and moving forward. Law school didn't work out.
Ashley has an internship at a PR firm. She's already whining and crying
about it.

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