Saturday, May 7, 2011


CHESTER FRENCH is an indie pop band consisting of two band members: David-Andrew "D.A" Wallach [lead vocalist & songwriter] and Maxwell Drummey [multi-instrumentalist & songwriter]. Meeting at Harvard University, they decided on their group name after the sculptor Daniel Chester French. In explaining how the band started, D.A. explains, "Chester French started when we were freshmen in college. Max wanted to start a group called Marilyn Manson, which is what he told me in the dining room. And I thought that was a great idea. So we realized there was a conflict, potentially, with the name, but the underlying concept was great and so that's what we've been trying to achieve ever since."

Early supporters of the group include Kanye West and Perez Hilton. Their demo even made it into the hands of Pharrell Williams and Jermaine Dupri. This resulted in a bidding war between Kanye and Pharrell, in which Pharrell ultimately won. He says, "There's something at Star Trak records that we have been very excited about and there's, I don't know. Of course D.A. would want me to sit here and tell you how much of a crazy bidding war there was for them, as everybody in here knows D.A. But you know what? He's right. And if you think about it, think about where they come from and... okay! It's funny. But you know what? Think about it man. Like, Harvard grads? And then on top of that, there really was a bidding war and it really was incredible and we really lost our minds and you're really about to see a great, incredible show."

Since then their career has taken an unprecedented full throttle ride, touring with N.E.R.D., Matisyahu, and Lady Gaga. Chester French contains elements of pop, rock, and ultimately hip-hop. In regards to why hip-hop artists like their music, D.A. jokes, "They find it interesting that we're the first artists to wear whiteface all the time, publicly." Chester French will definitely be one of those names to hear in music's future career because not only are they talented, but many of their songs are undeniably catchy.




You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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