Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Elizabete Kwong decides to let Amigo Chui go, sentenced 1 year probation

Amigo Chui's girlfriend assault case has been dragging on for nearly half a year, it was said that yesterday at the court hearing Elizabete Kwong suddenly agreed to let Amigo go and not prosecute him. The court sentenced him on probation for a year. Although Elizabete agreed to let Amigo off for the assault case, yesterday during the hearing she had a frown on her face the whole time.

No conviction, $5000 fine

The case was adjourned 3 times until 12:30pm. It was said that pleaded not guilty Amigo and his lawyer hoped the sentence would just be a probation and free of conviction. After hearing the suggestion and agreeing that it works, Elizabete agreed. The court eventually only sentenced Amigo to probation for a year with a fine of $5000, he is not to be involved in any violence with other people within the year, otherwise he will be convicted.

The Real Story

According to the case, on the day of the incident, a fight started between the two because Elizabete was unhappy with Amigo's ex-girlfriend calling him. Amigo ordered Elizabete to get her personal belongings and leave, he also requested that she delete all their shared photos and text messages from her cell phone. Elizabete refused to and returned to the room to pack up her stuff. Amigo stormed into the room and hit Elizabete's head from the back. Elizabete lost her balance and fell to the ground, Amigo then climbed over her and grabbed her neck with one hand and his other hand on her chest. Then Amigo searched her handbag for the cell phone. Elizabete then tried to snatch the bag back from Amigo and they were pulling back and forth onto the bed. After Amigo successfully deleted the text messages and photos from the phone, he gave the phone back to Elizabete and she left the house. Elizabete went to the hospital immediately after to get a body check, the medical report confirmed her neck and chest had red marks that were 1cm long and felt pain the right side of her head. Fortunately, there was no internal bleeding from the injuries. After the hospital, Elizabete went to the police station in Wan Chai to report the case. The police was able to recover the deleted photos and text messages from her phone and used that as evidence.

Initially Elizabete attended the court hearing as a witness, but because she agreed to let Amigo off, she did not testify in court. After the hearing, Elizabete and Amigo exited the court looking like total "enemies", they did not make any eye contact at all.

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