Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Howard Stern stops Bibi Jones sex act in studio citing regulations- he is old!

Bibi Jones offered to have sexon the Howard Stern Show this morning only to have Howard Stern sound like an alien born out of a pod and say no, citing the regulations. What have they done with Howard Stern. This man looks and sounds like him, but he just cannot be the Stern of the70's and 80's, who would have been the first in line to mount Bibi Jones, or at least make it sound like he did.
Bibi is promoting her cover onHustler Magazine and her debut with Digital Pictures. One thing that cannot be said about Bibi Jones is that she is a prude. She has had sex with so many partners, it is safe to say the girl likes sex. She told Howard that she loves to haverandom sex with people on the street, in her hotel, at school and everyone and anyone.
She wanted to have sex in thestudio with JD Harmeyer and the “new” Howard Stern citedwork place regulations would prevent intercourse from happening in the studio. The “old” Howard Stern would have been first in line.
The 19 year-old promiscuous entertainer did the Howard Stern Show in the nude and was directed towards Sybian,  Howard Stern Show’s masturbation saddle to take the place of sex with a live person for her sexual needs. Stern has gone mechanical in his old age.

JD Harmeyer sounded like he was getting ready for a little romp after the show, or this could have been all for radio entertainment. Bibi Jones cited major league baseball players as the best men to have sex with and she has had her fare share of them, she shares with Stern.
Howard Stern was one of Connecticut’s first morning drive shows for Southern Connecticut commuters. Back in the 70’s before satellite allowed radio to be heard all over the world, you had to live within a certain area to pick up a radio station.
Stern’s morning drive program was done out of NYC and heard all through Southern Connecticut. He would have pounced on Bibi himself in the 70’s, it sounds like Howard Stern is getting old and now relying on mechanical sex!

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