Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So who's on the coveted MAXIM'S HOT 100 LIST?! This year, I would like to give a shout out to many of my fellow Latinas who compromised most of the list. There were a lot of changes since last year, and basically a whole new TOP 10. SO CHECK OUT WHO MADE THE LIST!!!

10. JENNIFER LAWRENCE: this actress hit it big with her first role in the Oscar nominated movie Winter's Bone which she was also nominated in the Best Actress category. Catch her in another big movie hit The Hunger Games.

9. COBIE SMULDERS: this How I Met Your Mother star was a former model but pursued acting as a career instead. Catch her in the upcoming film The Avengers playing Maria Hill.

8. NATALIE PORTMAN: this was thee year for her...winning almost all major film achievement awards as Best Actress, engaged and now expecting a baby. Her career is full throttle right now.

7. ANNE HATHAWAY: what a crazy road this "Princess" has been on. Starring in big movies, and making her way to hosting the Academy Awards, she's bigger than ever and has no problem being nude.

6. BAR REFAELI: this infamous model is not only known for her romance with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, but also for her work with children facing life-threatening illnesses as well as promoting a "greener world."

5. MILA KUNIS: who knew this child actress will be bigger than ever today. From her biggest hit to date Black Swan, Mila is on each casting's director wanted list. Catch her in the romantic comedy Friends With Benefits costarring Justin Timberlake.

4. CAMERON DIAZ: she is still America's Favorite Leading Lady, many still love her because of her bubbly personality and her ability to hang with the guys, especially leading man A-ROD.

3. KATY PERRY: from her recent marriage to funny man Russell Brand, Katy carved her own destiny with her innovative style and pushing the envelope hit songs. She's not afraid to cause controversy and turn heads at the same time; she embodies fearlessness.

2. OLIVIA MUNN: she has proven herself in a world of men with her knowledge of technical stuff and video games while still keeping her girly edge. She embodies the best of both worlds.

1. ROSIE HUNTINGTON WHITELEY: known as one of the infamous Victoria's Secret Angels, she caught Michael Bay's attention enough to replace Megan Fox in the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie. Look out for her as one of the breakout stars in 2011.

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