Monday, May 23, 2011

Ryan Giggs Scandal 2011, Imogen Thomas Super Injunction

The Sunday Herald, the Scottish newspaper in the middle of a controversy in the UK, has named a footballer accused of being linked to a privacy injunction by users of Twitter. A player who wants to protect online privacy Imozhen Thomas is not having much success as AA Superinjection Twitter has not declined. The Judiciary are trying to re-establish the rules of Law so that people can be protected from Blackmailers and harassment.
One of the main Scottish newspapers seem to appear on the players involved in a court Twitter. But Spanish newspapers are connected with the beginning of the flood of players from the U.S. with questions on the case when United meet Barcelona on May 28 during a game than a decade at Wembley in the Champions League.
Footballer of the controversy, said they were involved in the treatment of Imozhen Thomas, the British star of television show Big Brother. In marriage, the star-CTB to the court documents said that "sexual relations" with Thomas Imozhen Big Brother.
According to Bloomberg, the unnamed married footballer involved in the Imogen Thomas case is suing Twitter. In Scotland, the Sunday Herald published a photo of a player at their discretion, participate in the hearing Imozhen Thomas. Its front page has an image of a man whose eyes are covered with a black bar which features the word "censored". The image appears to be one of Ryan Giggs of Manchester United. Lawyers at Schillings, who represent CTB, said: "An application has been made to obtain limited information concerning the unlawful use of Twitter by a small number of individuals who may have breached a court order."
In the newspaper’s editorial, The Sunday Herald said “Today we identify the footballer whose name has been linked to a court superinjunction by thousands of postings on Twitter. BBC News reports that it comes after Twitter users reacted to a footballer's attempt to find out who is putting information about him on the website by posting new messages online.

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