Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tamra Barney does nudebath scene with Eddie Judge on Real Housewives of Orange County

The last scene of Sunday’s Real Housewives of Orange County took a strange turn. We went from the usual semi-realistic catfights and domestic squabbles to a racy soap operascene starring Tamra Barney and her new boytoy Eddie Judge .

First, the audience was “teased” by footage of Tamra’shands lighting candles, and turning on the bath water. We even saw her squeeze a small bottle of soap that would presumably create bubbles, but once Tamra was “nake” in the bath the bubbles had mysteriously disappeared! In fact we were only a candle light’s reflection away from an R-rated close encounter with the nouveau divorcée.

She then called in her boyfriend Eddie so they could have sexy times together in front of the camera. Eddie seemed a little paralyzed by the fact that Tamra was seducing him while cameras were rolling, but after downing a glass of wine in 2 seconds he was good to go forhis close-up.

Tamra has since stated on her blog that she regrets the scene, citing “wine”, “forgetting  the cameras were there”, and “getting caught upin the moment:”

The one thing about me is I will always own my mistakes, which leads me to the bathtub scene. I knew the next day after filming it that I made a big mistake. It was me getting caught up int he moment, drinking wine, and forgetting the cameras were there. I have been dreading this episode foreight months. As a mother, thiswas not one of my smartest moments on TV. Even thought I do not allow my children to watch the show, it doesn’t mean their friends don’t. This was one of those moments that I had to sit my kids down and tell them that mommy made a mistake and did something on TV that was in bad taste. I have a great communication line with my kids and have taught them that everyone makes mistakes, and as long as you own up to your mistakes, you will learn from them.

You finally got to see Eddie in more ways than your probably wanted too. He didn’t say much and was extremely nervous in front of the camera.The first night we filmed I looked over at him and he started to turn white and said, “I cant do this.” So that was the reason for the shot of tequila, it calmed his nerves. The bathtub scene was about five shots of tequila for him, and when he walked in the bathroom he was caught totally off guard. He looked at me and said, “You’re naked,” while there were about five people with cameras and audio looking on. It was uncomfortable for him, but he jumped right in.
It’s definitely not one of those things that most people wouldwake up the next morning being thrilled about (and then months later when millions of people get to see and judge,) but I’ve gotta hand it to her: It took some courage to film a naked-wasted telenovela scene as part of your reality show.

UPDATE: Tamra has since backtracked on her regret, telling Life & Style (via The Hollywood Gossip ) : “I’m a free spirit, so I’m fine with it. Itprobably wasn’t one of my better on-camera choices. Because one day I might have to answer to my children, but they don’t watch the show. And would they disown me because I’m happy and in love?No.”
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