Friday, May 27, 2011

Get the dodge out of Hell with the launch of Faxion Online today


With UTV True Game’s launch today of Faxion Online, the free-to-play MMO set in the throws of battle between Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, players can now access the highly entertaining PVP-oriented title. With multiple hands-on sessions of Faxion Online and in-person meetings with the team here in Austin, Texas, we’re excited for the official FREE release launch of Faxion, which should provide fast-paced action experiences in over-the-top settings found in the afterlife.

With a development crew that has worked on great PVP titles such as Shadowbane, there is a lot of promise in this little downloadable package, which should tickle many a PVPers’ fancy. Focused more on capturing specific zones and territorial battles for Good or Evil, players will raise their way through the ranks of their faction, gaining access to better gear and multi-class abilities. With players able to utilize unique skill builds and armor sets, you won’t see the same specced fighters, casters or healers running (or floating – with wings) around Limbo. We anticipate a welcome response to the F2P model with microtransactions available for purchase if players value items/money over time (which happens in today’s flow of life).

UTV True Games has had the game in beta for a number of months working out the kinks, so today’s launch aims to provide a relatively hitch free MMO launch, which we all know can be easier said than done. Regardless, I’m heading home soon to start my download. You can download the full game here for free. Hell, you can even win an iPad 2 if you “Like” Faxion Online over at its Facebook page here before June 9. No longer will thou have to coveth thy neighbor’s iPad 2! See you in the afterlife!

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