Friday, May 27, 2011

Margaritaville Goes Virtual and Twitter Gets in Trouble

Jimmy Buffett fans can go directly to Margaritaville now thanks to the musical artist himself and game developer THQ. On a free-to-play online social game, Margaritaville Online will let users build a boat as well as a bar. Players can also earn virtual currency to buy “booty” and customize their games by spending real money. Buffett appears to be banking off his one-hit wonder which has since spawned lines of real-life restaurants, bars, and alcoholic beverages. The singer stated that the characters and destinations in the online game are based off his life and experiences.

n other news, Twitter has reportedly been getting in trouble overseas lately. In the most recent turn of events, an unidentified British celebrity who goes by the initials “CTB” is suing the social network for issuing public information about an alleged affair with a reality TV star. This particular celebrity is thought to be an athlete, male, and supposedly put a block on having media report on his personal life.

One particular Twitter account posted a series of tweets revealing information about certain British celebrities, including CTB, that they had expressly demanded not be released through something called a super injunction. The super injunction is this weird vaguely legal mandate that celebrities issue which forbids media from reporting on something. Apparently Twitter is in violation of this act. A court ruling has yet to issue a legal standpoint on the matter.

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