Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nick Jonas warned by Delta Goodrem’s ex, Brian McFadden


Former West Life singer and now judge of “Australia’s Got Talent” Brian McFadden has claimed that ex-fiancee, Delta Goodrem told him about going out with Nick Jonas before the world saw her leaving a Los Angeles theater holding hands with the Disney star.

And McFadden insisted that “he is happy if Delta is happy”.

"She told me about it beforehand, whatever makes her happy,” McFadden was quoted as saying by Ninemsn.

He added, describing the photo taken of the rumored celebrity couple: "It was positive. She looks happy, if she's happy I don't mind."

The 32-year-old Irish singer-songwriter may sound okay about ex-fiancee’s newfound love, but the singer issued a warning against Nick Jonas and other men setting their eyes on the Aussie songstress.

McFadden said: “But there's a warning from me, if anyone hurts her they're dead."

The “Real To Me” hitmaker also clarified earlier reports that he was dumped by Goodrem, whom he had had a relationship for seven years before they split in April.

Via http://au.ibtimes.com/

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