Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the rocks alert: More from the Arnold and Maria circus

Publications: People, Globe, National Enquirer, Star
Date: 6 June 2011

Fresh trash on Thursdays! In an interesting grouping, it's the richer dogs in the AMI kennel and People who are continuing with the story of Arnold and Maria and God only know how many other women. Here are the headlines.
  • People: Maria's torment - new details
  • Globe: Cheating Schwarzenegger sex tape shocker
  • National Enquirer: Arnold's $500 million divorce
  • maid's best friend tells all
  • Arnold used taxpayer's money for mistresses
  • Maria taking his whole fortune
  • Star: Maria to Arnold: "You're a pig!"
  • 32 women 2 more kids
  • caught in bed with housekeeper
  • She'll spill his dirtiest secret
  • Decades of lies and betrayal
  • Shocking inside details from the mag that broke the story
I'd like to address the Star's contention that they are the magazine that broke the story.


The reason she threw him out was because of the love child from a decade ago. That is NOT the story the AMI rags were pushing at first. They had some woman named Gigi Goyette who claimed to be his mistress. It was an entirely different story and the Star is trying to lie about it not two weeks after the fact. Arnold and Maria weren't worth a single cover story in 2010 and none in 2011 until this month. Also, both People and the Enquirer had it on the cover first AND all of them were scooped by the regular daily press.

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